Company Name
Junca japan Inc.
Hisayuki Nagatome
Company Registration Date
Beauty Industry
Management of beauty salons and all related business to beauty industry.
Business Activities
- Management of beauty salons
(Facilities includes, Steamed Sauna with precious stones, Esthetics with Platinum, al Head Spa treatment)
- Instructor of seminars for beauty management
- Management and operation works of events
- Total produce works doe bridal business
- Development of products
- Consulting business for setting up beauty salons
- Franchise operations of beauty salons
- Management of retails
- Consulting of F&B business.
- Total produce business for companies and individuals
- Management of Philippines business tours for individuals and companies to set up business in Philippines
- Planning marketing promotions
About us
To assist your “HAPPY LIFE”, we always provide good environments to make sure that we, ourselves and all related people are always “Happy”.
Activities for society
“Hair Donations”
We donates human hairs from our precious customers of hair salons. Those will be used for wigs of medical purposes.
58 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila   * In front of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Centre's main gate
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