See yourself in a mirror for the very first time in the morning, and if you like it, you can spend the whole day happily with positive feelings.

Each of you, are the main cast of the stage, called "LIFE".

I am able to assist you to make your story much happier with beauty.
In that way, I am also the main cast of my own life with "Full of Happiness".

To play the important roll to make your life with "Full of Happiness",
I follows my own policy:-
1. No Lies
2. Keep improving
3. Make much of people's Love

To all of you, THANK YOU, always.

President, junca japan Inc.


In 2002,  Joined "VIDAL SASSON" in London, England.
In 2005, Became in charge of backstage hairstyles of "Jhon Galliano”, at Paris Collection.
In 2006, As a very 1st Japanese hair stylist, represented Asia, in the event "World Style Contest", in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Musicians, models, creators and so on, got good and wide business relations with various kinds of fields. Started to image produce business.
Since 2002 onwards, actively and continuously gone around Europe, studying in salons and beauty events in Italy, and the other countries, during maintaining his salon business in Japan as well.
Influenced by the star in the beauty industry, "Tim Hartlay", with good relationships. With those worldwide experiences, set up "junca japan".

In 2010 Joined "Tokyo Collections" backstage hairstyles. In 2011 Assigned as Producer of Event Produce business company, "kisetsu". From China, got many requests and offers, and started "Educator" works.

Joined hair shows with 1000 over audience, as "Guest Talent", and many other events.

In 2012 Became In Charge of hair and make-up works for "Ms Universe Japan, Final Event, Kyushu Area" , and "Beauty Camp", which is the education programs for the finalists.

In 2013 Organized "Beauty Camp" for Finalists of "Ms Universe Japan, Fukuoka/Nagasaki Area".

Appointed as Total Producer of branding project of listed company of beauty industry.

At this moment, With outstanding experiences and knowledge, fully contributed for product developments, especially based on "Purification".
Not only in the beauty industry, but also from the other industries as well, got offers for seminars, and produce business.

All the elements of "Human, Heart, Natures" are the same, so that always works actively to make all the elements beautiful.


Inside of japan Tokyo Collection / Miss Nihon Kyushu / Miss UNIVERSE JAPAN Kyushu / Crossing Hall / Hilton Sea Hawk / Nishitetsu Hall / With the style / TOTO festival Night and more…

Outside of japan Paris Collection / Holland / Italy / England / Korea / China / USA and more…

About Seminars

* Talent and skill development for "Hair ressor PEACE" .
* During the seminars, the product amount per person, reached more than 1million yen immediately.
* Conducted Group Seminars for 「卓越形象」, which is China Beauty Association Directors Community.
* Got offers continuously from Japan and overseas
* Beauty programs is the total beauty seminar, including Mind, Breath, Behavior, Walking, Knowledge, Expressions. This is the total work out for self-producing.
This programs is the one which professional models, and artists joined and learned, since this program makes you show your talent in front of audience.
* In 2012, Miss Universe Japan Kyushu area, managed the finalists' beauty programs. Sora Yoshimura, 1st winner of Kyushu area, became the 3rd winner of all Japan.
* Conducting seminars of Beauty Industry Companies, and for individuals as well. Not only about the beauty, teaching about Team building, Motivations, Talent and Skill Development.

About Produce Business

* Managing branding project for major company in beauty industry, Namber Three Corp.
* Total produce management including planning jobs for project, photo shooting, movie shooting, and making advertisement.
* Consulting works for beauty salons, and branding jobs.
* Branding management for individuals and companies
* Management of shows, events, and lives. Got outstanding experiences at overseas, offers outstanding quality for event produce.
* Stable man powers of professionals for works
* Total produce for Bridal shows

Manages Individuals, Companies, Goods, and Events.

Social Contribution Activities

Doctor of humanity