Media information

After setting company in Dec 2009, we are exposed in various media.
We promise you that we develops continuously with our originality and ingenuity.

Introduced on the magazine "KYOKAN MAGAZINE“ Aug18th 2012 edit Articles on Interview of President Nagatome, and introduction of junca Concept Salon.
President Nagatome was introduced on TV program, “President in Fukuoka.TV”.
【junca japan】seeks and speak up about “True beauty of Japanese females”.
President who got success in the world talks about “Hair Stylist” in global fields.
President in Fukuoka TV. Hisayuki Nagatome
2011 June
Introduced in the Magazine”RURUBU FREE” summer autumn edit
2011 May
In i-Change, “Steamed Sauna with precious stones” was introduced i-change【Design Space vol.19】junca concept salon
2011 March
“junca japan 1year anniversary event” was introduced in Rakuten news, livedoor news and the other news media.
2011 Feb
junca Concept Salon was introduced on the magazine”Fukuoka Economy March edit”.
2011 Jan
“YUKUKUKA” was introduced in i-change
2011 S/S
President Nagatome’s interview articles as Director of backstage hair of Tokyo Collection, and Backstage works were introduced on Web Magazine EG-FUKUOKA.
2010 Nov~2011 Jan
Introduced in various media.
2010 Sep~Nov
Introduced in a lot of Magazines.
One of the most popular menus, platinum therapy was introduced on TNC “MOMOCHIHAMA Store”.
Introduced in TV program”GOCHI TELE” which is live TV program every Friday in J: COM.
President Nagatome was introduced on the magazine “FUKUOKA Economy”.
Introduced in TENJIN HAYAMIMI News of TENJIN web site which is the most influential website.
Introduced as the new exciting spot for females on “KYOKAN TV” at RKB.
junca Concept Salon was introduced as the exciting beauty salon on the life information web site “Nihon ga genkides”.
2010 April
“Be Beautiful, Increase Green” activity was introduced.
Talked with Mr. Atsushi Onita in the interviews of the company magazine.
Introduced in avanti 2010 march edit.