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Evaluation of Humanitarian mission in Asia of Junca group

Evaluation of Humanitarian mission in Asia of Junca group



Since its inception, our corporate philosophy is to contribute to the international community, mainly to Asian people.

For that purpose, I talked about the track that has made the field of beauty industry without racism in the international community a field and junca Group.

In order to become an international company in the first phase, first of all, we have the results in Japan, so we opened “junca concept salon”, the first store in Fukuoka Tenjin, the number one battlefield in beauty, and the result is 5 years.

It took years, but succeeded in establishing a position as a luxury salon.

Based on Manila, which should be the next base for global expansion in the second phase, we have been conducting human resource development and salon development for global expansion.

Starting with the current four stores, we plan to open 100 stores in the Philippines in two years.

We plan to develop salons all over the world in 2032.

There are three things that we have created to do global deployment.

We were able to build a track record of becoming the world’s top fashion show in charge of the Paris Collection Hair, being the Asian representative of the Global Contest, becoming a global hair show and instructor.

Next is the development of a system to realize the desires of women around the world to want to be beautiful.

For example, from a scientific point of view, such as how to use hair coloring, misuse has become the common sense of the whole industry, and as a result, it has given women the negative of damage as it is known.

So we started developing the right technology and technology, and succeeded in developing a unique technology that can realize the design without any damage named “juncalogy”.

This unique technology “juncalogy” allows the education scheme to create a hair stylist in two to three months.

Because it is all logical to teach clearly.


These three, brand power, technology, human resources development, we are expanding into the world.




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