Treatment Menus

Only Japan.
There is no in the Philippines.

Collaboration Menus with High Pressured Oxygen Capsule Xjunca

Basic Course 20mins \2,500, 45mins \3,500
Physical Internal Reforming Package (10 times) \50,000

Optional Menus
Facial Treatment \2,500
Muscles Treatment \1,000

Government tax will be charged separately.

About Hyper baric Oxygen Capsule

What is High Pressure Oxygen Capsule?
High Pressure Oxygen Capsule provides very thick and very fresh oxygen in 1.35 pressures, which is same as in 3.5meter depth of water.
You do not need to change your clothes, and just sit down and feel relaxed in the capsule, and automatically, thick and fresh oxygen will go into your body.
Just sitting in the oxygen capsule, ease tiredness and make your skin and hairs shine.