junca japan realize the importance of human education.
We provide the seminars to bring up participants with short period to succeed at the stage with global standards.

3steps design seminar - Especially for hair stylists. We instruct how to set amazing designs with just 3 steps.
Communication skill seminar- Get communication skills which match your own characters, and clients’ characters.
Positive Mind seminar – Find out your talents, and grow yourself positively.
Marketing seminar-To get more marketing skills.

To secure more personalities to “Richness and Beauty”, we offer education program for hair stylist in salon works.

Professional Course

◆ Stylist Branding ◆

1. ~Understand the professionalism, and Improve your own self~
* Understand customers' feelings
* Study hair style DESIGNs.(Golden Balance, Definitions of DESIGN)
* Techniques (Master tools, Body controls)

2. Design with various materials
* Study Total coordinate
* Make use of Personal color

3. Make styles with amazing techniques, skills, producing power
* Set up your own brand
* Master cutting skills

1.(3h×2days)= \60,000
2.(3h×2days)= \60,000
3.(5h×2days)= \130,000
Total = \200,000

◆ Color Professional Course ◆

* Get skills to cover up the hair damages.
* Study Color Logics to get suitable color for the image.
* Get techniques to make a coordination.
* Get Coloring techniques to get various designs.

5hours X 2days =\60,000
※ The original Color / Perm skills of protecting brains are additional charges.

General Course

Beauty will bring Richness of life.
junca japan provide skills not only professionals but also all the individuals.
Those skills are the professional skills with plenty of wide experiences, and effective for bringing out your "Richness and Beauty of life".
Females are beautiful since they are borne.
We will bring out your best in yourself.

◆ Stylist Branding ◆

Details of Seminars

Personal Branding seminar
1. How to control mind and state of feeling
* About communication skills
2. Study Designs
* Golden Balance, Time management design
3. Basic logics of hair styling and make-up
Study structure and mechanism, and get practical knowledge.
4. How to make balance of body and soul
* Walking and breathing techniques to bring up motivations
5. Find out your attractive points and make it as your brand
* Set up your own brand as total result of the seminars

【Seminar Schedule】
1 time per month
Individual Consultation (based on reservations. 1hours personal consulting for detailed matters.)
1 time per month - Hair coordination (Cut, Color, Perm)
1 time per month - Hair treatment for damages

\50,000 per month X 3 months

Seminar Scenes in China